Importance of Customer Service

Being a business owner of a business consulting company, I am extremely sensitive to a company’s customer service. As I walked in to the Lexus dealership in El Paso, Texas, today, I found myself being stared at by several employees without being engaged. I roamed around the showroom floor a lot longer than I should have been allowed too before finally being asked if I needed assistance.

Successful businesses understand the importance of customer service, and if you are business owner and do not, then take a moment to study the fall of K-Mart, the nickel and dime low price leader for the 70’s and 80’s, before they were toppled by Walmart, a company that offered low prices, but great customer service.

It is critical to have a customer service program in place in your company that focuses on being responsive to your customer; engaging dissatisfied customers; and keeping a thermostat to social media feedback in order to identify negative customer feedback, and engage customers who have not received the service you think your employees are providing.

As a corporate leader, you need to ensure your employees understand the company’s customer service program and that they believe in it. The disgruntled employee that mistreats or ignores your customer impacts your bottom line and leads to customer attrition.


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